Respect In Sport Parent Program

Hockey Canada, the OHF and the GTHL are mandating that all families of registered players must complete the Respect in Sport Parent Program. This means that one parent must take the course.  If you have multiple players please make sure they are all linked (including any new players), in your RIS Parent profile.

EYHA requires all families to have their course completed before registration.

If you took this course in the past, you DO NOT need to complete it again.

No one can step on the ice until a parent has completed the course. You do not need to email us when you have completed the course, we can find you on the Hockey Canada Database.

Their 24/7 help desk number is: 1-866-945-9906


  1. How much does the program cost?
    Answer – $12.00/family. Only one family member must complete the course however the material remains available to the entire family on a perpetual basis.  EYHA does not receive a percentage of the course fees.
  2. What if the Parent doesn’t have a computer?
    Answer – Most public libraries provide free computer access.
  3. What if the Parent does not have a credit card?
    Answer – Pre-paid one-time use credit cards can be purchased at numerous retail locations and can be used to pay.
  4. What if the Parent has a language barrier?
    Answer – The program is available in French and English. For parents whose first language is not French or English can ask a child, friend or relative to sit with them as they go through the program, and assist/translate for them. There are also many Cultural Centres in the GTA that can assist the families.  This program has been implemented within municipalities surrounding the GTA including communities that have parents whose first language is not French or English.
  5. Is this required every year?
    Answer – No, once you have completed it you are certified and there are currently no plans for requalification/recertification.
  6. How will local administrators/registrars know whether or not a parent has completed the program?
    Answer – The Respect in Sport Parent Program is connected to the Hockey Canada Registry (HCR). Once a parent completes the Parent Program, the child’s name and date of birth as entered by the parent in the Child Management page of the program is automatically sent to the HCR where it searches for the same name and DOB. If it is found, the player profile in the HCR is updated to indicate the player has a parent who has completed the program. None of the parent’s information is transferred to the HCR.  Local Registrars will also have direct access to the Respect in Sport – Parent Program data-base, as they currently do for the Activity Leader Program.
  7. What if a parent took the Parent Program through another sport. Do they have to take it again?
    Answer – No. Parents can import their parent certification over to the GTHL parent program data-base. Importing instructions are very simple, and can be completed in a couple of minutes. There is no cost to import an existing certification.
  8. If a parent has already has taken the Respect in Sport activity leader program for coaches, do they still have to take the Parent Program?
    Answer – Yes.   The Parent Program is different in content from the Activity Leader program for coaches. The Parent Program was created at the request of hockey coaches, and most coaches find the content very beneficial.
  9. How long is my Parent Program Certification good for?
    Answer – There is no expiry.
  10. What supports/resources are in place to assist associations and registrars/administrators with the program?
    Answer – Respect in Sport works very closely with associations and registrars to support them through implementation and beyond. In addition to a 24/7 live person bilingual help desk, training webinars are made available to administrators/registrars.
  11. What happens if a new child is added to the system in future years?
    Answer – The parent/guardian would be able to add the certification to that child’s profile on the child management page of their Respect in Sport profile so there will be no need to complete the program again.

We understand that there have been some mixed opinions about the implementation of this program. To date there have been almost 228,000 participants in Hockey Canada that have now taken this program. Every Branch and Association that have implemented the program have been extremely satisfied. Not one of them regret implementing it. The feedback from users (parents/guardians who have taken the program) is overwhelmingly supportive.  It is important for us to carry forward a positive approach to this implementation in order for it to have the desired impact.