Player Request Policy

For the past few years the increasing number of parental requests for player placements has placed an unmanageable workload on our volunteers and has resulted in an imbalance in teams and lopsided scores in games which has caused a lot of players to have a less than pleasant experience with our club.To try and correct this, the executive has decided that requests for placement be limited to the following:

  1. Siblings playing together where appropriate
  2. Coaches and their children

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can the hockey player reside outside of the City of Toronto?
    No. The hockey player must reside in the City of Toronto. When completing the ‘City’ information, please enter ‘Toronto’ (do not use ‘East York’).
  2. Which number do I use from the Birth Certificate?
    Use the registration number. It starts with the actual year of birth.
  3. How will I know my child has been accepted to play this year?
    This information is pending. 
  4. When do I need to register my child for the next hockey season to be eligible for the early bird discount?
    We do not offer an early bird discount.
  5. Is there body-checking in House League hockey?
  6. How much does it cost?
    For basic house league registration the cost is T.B.A.
  7. Does East York Hockey Association offer Family/Multiple registration discounts?
  8. Can I pay with cheques?
  9. Can I pay with cash?
  10. Can I pay in installments?
  11. When will I be contacted as to what team my child is on?
    Everyone should be contacted by Thanksgiving. If you have not been contacted by this date, please email the registrar, [email protected] with your child’s name, age and your phone number. Or leave the same information on the East York Hockey Associations phone line (416-423-0000). Please do not phone prior to October 1st 
  12. When does the hockey season start?
    The hockey season runs from mid October to late March/early April
  13. Can I specify a certain coach or team that I want my child to play for?
  14. What documentation do I need if I want to coach?                                                                                                  i)Respect in Sport – Activity Leader ($33.90 tax incl)

    ii)Hockey University: Planning a Safe Return to Hockey (No cost)

    iii)Gender Identity & Expression Course (No cost)

    iv)Vulnerable Sector Screening provided (by Association/club)

    v)Proof of double vaccination.

  1. Where do I sign up to be a house league coach?
    You will enter your willingness to volunteer on the on-line registration, as well, you can leave a voice mail advising your name, phone number and league you wish to coach in on the East York Hockey Associations phone line (416-423-0000).
  2. How will I find out my child’s House League schedule?
    The Coach will contact you by Thanksgiving.  Schedules will be posted on our web site in October.  You will be given a schedule on the first day of hockey.
  3. I am moving to a new home. What address do I put on the form if we have not moved yet?
    Please use your new address when registering. If you do not have your new phone number as yet – put in the phone number you have now. Once you have moved re-enter the on-line registration system using your ID name and password. Click on Change account information on the right side and change your address and phone number. If the season has commenced, please advise your child’s coach of the new phone #
  4. When to the leagues/divisions play?
    Historically, the Bantam division has played Tuesday nights, Midgets have played Wednesday and/or Tuesday nights, Peewee have played Friday nights and/or Saturday, with all other divisions including Hockey School playing Saturdays. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee playing days or times. Please check the schedule tab for further details (as they become available)

For Technical Support click on the HCR help link in the top right corner of the HCR program.For East York House League inquiries email [email protected]